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Currently Open to Service-Type Businesses (ie., Landscapers, Drywallers, Painters, House Cleaners, Fence Installers, etc.)

Fully-Automated Marketing at its Finest (with Fresh, Engaging Campaigns Consistently)!

How Our Process Works...

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1. A Conversation

The (7-day trial) on-boarding process starts with a conversation to help determine your current marketing situation and what you hope to achieve during this trial. No commitment. No contract. Simply results (keeping our clients happy – all that matters!)

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2. Irresistible Offer

We’ll work together to create an “irresistible offer” that your future customers will find hard to pass by. Whether that’s a percentage (or dollar amount) discount on one of your services, or a FREE bonus if they “act now”, this is your “hook”.

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3. Launch Campaign

Next, we’ll run a highly-engaging Facebook Lead-Generation Campaign using your irresistible offer. We’ll target your local market and as a Call to Action (CTA), those interested will fill out a QUICK “lead form” (on Facebook) where you’ll receive their name and number to follow-up on.

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4. Leads Delivered

Leads are delivered DIRECTLY to you via Email and/or SMS. We’ll also create a Google Drive Spreadsheet to record every lead captured. Any (and all) leads received are 100% yours to follow-up, close and grow YOUR bottom line. We never re-purpose and offer to anyone else!

Proven Results

“Shawn is the best! His attention to detail and modern, creative ideas were a breath of fresh air! My business is way better off after hiring Shawn and you will be lucky to have him on your team!” – Jamie Wall (​

“I have very limited knowledge of how web sites are created or used. Shawn patiently explained – met with me at my home – created a simple clear honest website for my business that reflects how I carry on business. It was a pleasure to deal with him and a lesson in professional conduct. Thank you.” – Jerry Hellens (

Snapshot of Buyer & Seller leads sent directly to your inbox/phone, and BUILDING your audience daily!

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Fully Customized Websites (if required) ready in 14 (Business) Days!

What We Offer You

A Dedicated and Experienced Creative Team

Our passion is marketing YOU! Once we’ve completed the on-boarding process, we begin with confirming your website is setup with a Facebook Pixel to collect data of all visitors (we’ll install if required). 

Once we’ve confirmed, we get started with a highly-engaging Facebook campaign, targeting regional interest and gauging the current local market. These ads will help build your specific audience, and allow us to run “re-targeting” ads to this group of very specific people.

All the while, our team is building out an automated sequence to pre-qualify potential clients before you even pick up the phone. 

A Personal and Professional Working Relationship


As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges of marketing and running the day-to-day tasks required as business owners. We’re passionate about ensuring your marketing is MORE than taken care of, so you can continue to do what you do best: building relationships with clients while ensuring their needs are met (and exceeded).

The Highest-Quality Service Available


We’re not a large agency. Meaning, we pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence with each and every client we serve. Personally. This includes unbeatable results.

Our experienced team of web designers and developers will provide unique, creative content approaches leading to a remarkable boost in sales and conversions, in-turn, increased ROI’s.

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