Websites That Promote Growth

We Are the Kootenay’s Fastest-Growing Web Design and Facebook Marketing Agency! 

Our Sites INCREASE Your Conversion Rates and BOOST Your Sales!

What Our Agency Offers

A Dedicated and Experienced Creative Team


Our team of passionate web designers turn any site into a work of art. Each site is uniquely designed and built around YOUR business, ensuring we capture the essence of who you are, and what makes YOUR brand or business unique. Our team excels at capturing your vision, targeting proper demographics and audiences that you serve in fun, creative ways!

A Personal and Professional Working Relationship


We’re in the business of serving YOU. And though it may sound cliche, we’re truly not satisfied until you are. We work directly with our clients, ensuring they’re up-to-date along the entire journey. From design to launch, we walk right alongside, creating friendships along the way.

By working directly with you, our designers give every site an identity and personality – one that reflects your business philosophy and customer relationships. This provides your clients with a genuine, immersive experience that makes it easy for them to shop and interact confidently.

The Highest-Quality Service Available


We’re not a large agency. Meaning, we pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence with each and every client we serve. Personally. This includes unbeatable results.

Our experienced team of web designers and developers will provide unique, creative content approaches leading to a remarkable boost in sales and conversions, in-turn, increased ROI’s.

How Our Process Works

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You Sign Up

The on-boarding process helps us determine your current marketing status, website and Facebook page setup (whether you need a new website and/or Facebook business page), and what you’re hoping to achieve once this site is built/rebuilt 

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We Get Started

Once we’ve discussed your vision and goals for the new site, we create a “mockup” design to send your way for approval/re-design. At that point, and once you LOVE the look/feel of the mockup, we get started building out custom pages based on your needs.

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Content Created

As the framework of your site is being built, we work with you to create unique content, capturing attention of your target audience. Content is king when ranking high on Google. With the right highly-targeted keywords and fresh content in play, the #1 spot is headed your way!

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Custom Portal

At the completion of your site build-out, we’ll create a custom portal for you (and anyone else you request), to access your site from the back-end to update content, images, and anything else required. This includes a step-by-step video clearly outlining all steps. 

Limited-Time BONUS!

As a bonus, we’ll install a Facebook Pixel (FREE) to ensure traffic to your website is recorded if/when you begin driving traffic to your website via Facebook. 


We’ll take a look at your Google My Business Listing (or help set one up) to ensure it’s highly optimized, and offer suggestions on how to improve visibility (if necessary) to drive even MORE traffic to your business!

Proven Results

“Shawn is the best! His attention to detail and modern, creative ideas were a breath of fresh air! My business is way better off after hiring Shawn and you will be lucky to have him on your team!” – Jamie Wall (​

“I’ve dealt with Shawn for quite a while now and I have no doubt he will use his vast knowledge of Search Engine Optimization to boost your business presence online. Great guy, super friendly and easy to work with!” – Ben Bourque, Lead Vocalist (​